"The Weight Trainer"
    An Equine weight Training Saddle
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"The Weight Trainer"
For Breaking and Training horses to weight slowly
For Establishing Weighted Balance
For Rehabilitating horses with injuries
Made to Simulate the rider's bounce while in the saddle (a sitting trot.)
Made to simulate the feel of the riders moving leg.
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What it is Made Of


why weight train?

This is an innovative product that not only trains your horse to take on weight slowly, reducing the risk of injury to his or her back,  getting your horse use to the weight of a rider, and the feel of the riders leg.  Overall, this training device contributes to the physical and mental well-being of the horse in training."

Dr. Wendy Above DVM

For All Disciplines
Treat your horse like the athlete he or she is. build them up to weight first before you get on them. Train them for weight and work on establishing weighted  balance.
Fits like a saddle with a flexible tree, to fit any size horse, or average size pony, no matter how high or broad their withers are.
Don’t change the way you train your horse. Just add the weight trainer into your process
 and get a well balanced horse not only use to weight but the feel of a sitting trot and a rider's leg.
Put the weight on slowly 5 or 10 pounds at a time building your horse up slowly like an athlete with a little more weight each day.
If you don’t have time to ride but want to keep working with weight on their back. No need to higher a rider. just use the weight trainer.

This is for any discipline. It does not matter if you are a Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Jumper, Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat, Barrel Racing, Event and Dressage Trainer, you could use this Saddle 

If you train for trail. Pony your horse with The Weight Trainer, and go on the trails.

Making it more comfortable for your horse to take your weight.

Designed by a Trainer with 30 years of experience working with horses
this system gets your horse use to weight slowly, before you get on his/her back

This is the only weight training device that  was made to simulate the bounce of the Sitting Trot, the rider's weight and feel of legs  when in a saddle, getting  your horse accustom to this action.

This is to be used in place of a saddle with a saddle pad.

 Keep the leg  weights Slightly loose to give the effect of moving leg if that is what you desire, or keep them snug against the body to just represent the feel of a rider's leg. The choice is yours. 
The weights on the back have some bounce to them to simulate a rider' sitting trot, while horse is in motion.

This is the only device that can also simulate the bounce of a rider while in a sitting trot, and feel  of a riders moving leg
Hold 150 lb in 5 pound increments
Saddle weighs 10 pounds, 
You can train your horse to 160 pounds slowly when fully loaded

Weight Trainer in use

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U.S. Patent No. 7,721,514 

Ireland a  4 yr old QH filly 
one week into training
Anna, a beginer Rider getting a lesson on her horse at the start of Irelands 5th week
Ways of Use

If anyone is interested in purchasing or Licensing this patent, to make and sell this saddle please contact me! it is a great product but I don't have the time and resources to produce them so they can be affordable for everyone!
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