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The Weight Trainer Us Patent 7,721,514 
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If you are a tack shop or saddle maker this might be the patent for you. There is 16 more years on it before anyone can copy or infringe on this design.
The Weight Trainer Us Patent 7,721,514 
The Weight Trainer has been in use since 2007 and has successfully been and aid in helping to break and train several horses! 
It was awarded the US patent in 2010. If you or you know of someone interested in purchasing the right or the patent it’s Self, please go look at the website for this Training Saddle! There is all the info on the site you need including how it began.
The reason I am selling it is, I personally don’t have the time or resources to promote, and mass produce this saddle for the intention of sales, and I would love to see it out there. Mass produced it could be sold for a reasonable rate!
It is a wonderful product and really does work in the aid of training! Without getting to lengthy in this ad just go visit, the rest of this site to see it in action.

I originally had 12 Made and sold all of them except the one for myself and one to go with the patent.

Please email me with any questions, 

“This is an innovative product that not only trains your horse to take on weight slowly, reducing the risk of injury to his or her back, but desensitizes your horse to bouncing weight and the movement of the legs of the rider. Overall, this training device contributes to the physical and mental well-being of the horse in training.”

Dr. Wendy Bovee DVM